Scentsy Diffusers Review

Scentsy Diffusers are well-known products for fragrance lovers, and they have literally the most expensive prices on the market right now.

So, if you wonder what makes Scentsy Oil Diffusers become high-end products, and whether it’s worth to purchase these diffusers or not, you came to the right place.

Today, we will show you about Scentsy Diffuser reviews, all of the pros and cons to help you know more about these amazing items.

Now, let’s get started!

Thanks to ultrasonic nebulizing technology, Scentsy Diffusers are considered as the most advanced diffusers right now. The products contain a small ceramic disk in the water reservoir, also known as a nebulizer.

This disk will help to transform the oil and the water into microscopic particles, and then give out the scent to the air immediately. Therefore, users don’t have to wait to enjoy the fragrance like warmers and wax products.

Another thing you should know about Scentsy Diffusers is their variety of designs. Currently, Scentsy has released nearly 10 different striking types of diffuser with various designs with premium material and components. Besides, you guys can buy the various elegant shapes to decorate for your own diffuser.


Scent experience

It’s not hard to realize what makes so many people crazy about these products is an enjoyable fragrance experience.

In addition to ultrasonic nebulizing technology, Scentsy Diffusers use cold-mist technology to disperse fragrance.

So, as soon as the diffusing function is enabled, we can notice that the diffusers produce the instant fragrance immediately.

Besides, these technologies enable the scent to remain consistent and add some humidity to the nearby area while the diffuser is operating. However, bear in mind that the Scentsy Diffusers can’t completely replace the humidifiers.

What’s more, the diffusers of Scentsy brand allow you to adjust the intensity of the fragrance with 3 diffuser modes which are intermittent, high and low.

We can also control the scent by adjusting the amount of the input oil or combining different oils together.


Light experience

Similar to many other diffusers, Scentsy Diffusers offer users two main lighting modes: white option and color light option.

However, what makes Scentsy Diffusers much attractive than other competing products is the wide range of color choices. While normal diffusers have about 5-7 LED lighting colors, the diffusers of Scentsy provide 16 different light options for their users to customize.

You can let the diffusers rotate to see different light colors mixing together, or set one particular color. Besides, you can easily switch to the white light mode with 3 options of intensity: high, low and candle-flicking. Thus, it enables you to make the diffuser match with your mood or decoration.

In case you just want to use mist diffusing mode, you can turn off the light because the two functions work independently from each other.



Speaking of diffusers, many people fear that these devices will start a fire or explode when run out of water. However, there’s no need to worry about these things when using Scentsy Diffusers.

As mentioned above, cold-mist technology is applied to the products, so they will not contain any heating elements to set fire.

Most importantly, these diffusers will automatically turn off when their water reservoir empty. Thus, you can let your Scentsy Diffuser on when leaving home with no fear of explosion and flame.

However, these products do damage clothes, walls, and furniture in case of direct or intense contact.



Although these products can be used with undiluted oils, they can work with different oils including the most acidic oils. This is because their water reservoir is created from premium plastic.

In terms of water supply, unlike other competing products, you don’t need to use distilled water in Scentsy Diffusers.

These products are suitable for cool, clean tap water. In spite of this, if your water supply contains high mineral concentration or hard water, you can use distilled water to avoid the scale.



All in all, Scentsy Diffusers really value for money because of their fragrance experience, various light options, stunning design, and safety.

These products are absolutely must-have items for those who want to create a relaxing mood or freshen up the areas.

If you guys find these Scentsy Diffuser reviews helpful and informative, don’t forget to share them with other people. Thanks for reading and have a great day.