5 How To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

How To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

If you want to get up with decent hair, you must know these tricks to prepare your hair before sleeping.

We all dream of having the perfect hair. However, in most cases, the reality is quite different: frizz, split ends, lack of brightness…

However, there are several habits that many of us do daily, such as going to sleep with slightly wet hair, for example, which without realizing it are affecting the health of our hair.

As with the skin of the face and body, you should follow a routine of nightly hair care. This way, you will get the hair to have a healthier and brighter appearance.

Of course, it is important to know what your type of hair is: normal, dry, oily, or mixed. Depending on this, you will have to give him some care or others.


What are the best tricks to take care of your hair at night?

What are the best tricks to take care of your hair at night

Pay attention to the best tricks to take care of your mane while you sleep.

They are straightforward tips, but they will really help you to look a more careful hair.


It does not hurt that in the evenings, you spend a few minutes massaging your hair. You must perform gentle circular massages with the fingertips on the scalp, making a slight pressure so that the result is better.

This way you will be able to relax and rest better. In addition, with this massage, you will activate the scalp’s blood vessels, thus favoring the growth of the hair.

In addition, if the circulation is good, your mane will look much healthier and prettier.



One of the best tricks to take care of our hair to the maximum and look shiny is to moisturize it just before we go to sleep.

The first thing is to choose a mask that suits your hair type and meets your needs: hydration, nutrition, repair of damaged tips …

It is best to choose a mask with vegetable ingredients, which is 100% natural. You can also choose an organic oil. For example, argan oil is fantastic for nourishing dry and punished hair.

The vast majority of masks on the market tell us that you have to let them act for 15 or 20 minutes. But you can leave it on all night. Cover your head with a bathing cap so as not to stain the pillow, and you’re done.

The next morning, as soon as you get out of bed, remove your hat and wash your hair as you normally do. You will notice that your hair is much more hydrated and has more shine.


Dry hair

In no case is it advisable that you go to sleep with wet hair, even if it is only a little. This causes it to become more entangled and more fragile.

If you don’t want to spoil your mane too hot, let it air dry. To do this, you must wash your hair well in advance before bedtime. Then, before you go to bed, isolate it.

I usually do it always at night for 2 reasons: On the one hand, because this saves me time in the morning. And, on the other hand, because having curly hair, I get entangled in bed, and the next day it costs me much more to do it.

To straighten your hair, I recommend Remington irons. It has excellent quality products available, such as keratin therapy pro. It’s a brand that invests a lot in innovation, and it shows.

I use them and, considering that my natural hair is curly and with a lot of volumes, I get incredible results: smooth mane, with movement and, the best: without any frizz!


Brushing to prepare your hair before bedtime

Before you go to sleep, do not forget to comb and untangle your hair well. Please take a few minutes to brush it with a wooden comb. Remember that the movements must be smooth so that the hair fiber does not break.

Thus, by combing your hair, you will get that the natural oils present in the scalp are distributed evenly towards the means and tips. A straightforward trick that will help you eliminate frizz and get a mane with more shine.


Satin pillowcase

The vast majority of pillowcases on the market are made of cotton.

But if you really want to take care of your mane and that it looks healthy and shiny, I advise you to bet on a satin pillowcase.

This fabric prevents frizz and also maintains the shape of the hair while you sleep—a trick to keep in mind, especially if you have a mane with a lot of volumes.

As you can see, taking care of the hair at night is not at all complicated.

Before you go to sleep, take a few minutes for yourself, in which you must massage and comb your hair.

Once a week, apply a mask that suits the needs of your hair, and always sleep with a satin pillowcase. It’s simple.

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