Best Skin Tightening Essential Oils in USA 2020

Best Skin Tightening Essential Oils in india

In this post, we will show you the list of the best essential oils for skin tightening.

Why Do We Have Loose and Saggy Skin?

For us, one of the most unavoidable problems is loose skin. Sure, anyone wants to correct their skin when loosening occurs, right? One of the best ways to avoid aging is to make your skin firm or skin tightening.

Thanks to the process, we can maintain firm and taut skin. Moreover, skin tightening can minimize pores that are because of our skin looking fresh and flawless.

The fact is that many people always get themselves an expensive treatment at the beauty spa salon. However, natural and chemical-free products are also effective.

Therefore, you should consider them as a great alternative to expensive and chemical-filled beauty items.

We recommend you to use essential oils for skin tightening. They bring powerful plant extracts that offer health and medicinal benefits.


Skin Tightening Oils Benefits

Our skin requires the proper maintenance. Over time, our skin will sag or wrinkle. Also, we will get the spots.

However, you can use essential oils since they are greatly beneficial. They can work well with the collagen in our skin. Therefore, these oils can act as support for youthful skin.

Here are some certain areas which are normally more prone to sagging than others.



This part is susceptible to lose skin due to oscillating between bulging and receding for women. This expansion and contraction cause skin folds, stretch marks, and loose skin. For the male stomach, it is a result of poor feeding habits from quick weight loss or obesity.



When you come with age, it’s easy to see wrinkles on the face. Actually, this is a sign that time is catching up with you.

In spite of aging being embraced, celebrated, and inevitable, one should age with smooth supple skin. You should consider using body firming essential oils since they allow you to age gracefully.



Although it can’t keep your skin on your breast smooth by applying frequently body firming oils, this can keep it firm and taught. As a result, you will look younger than your years.



If you apply essential oils to your body, it can give you body firming qualities. It’s beneficial to your skin. You can also massage with these essential oils. It’s better to add to this regular exercise for toning.


Natural Ways That Essential Oils Help Skin Tightening

Essential oils are sourced from herbs and plants which bring healing and other beneficial properties. There is two extraction method of the potent oils. They include the distillation and cold press of these herbs and plants.

In spite of working magic for many needs, some specific essential oils are effective for the purposes of skin tightening or body firming.


Through anti oxidation

Aged and worn out skin cells can result in sagging and lifeless skin. They are caused by free radicals which are unstable molecules stealing oxygen from the skin to stable.

They damage the skin by steaking oxygen from the healthy skin cells. Essential oils have the ability to combat these free radicals. Therefore, they can be used to repair old worn out skin cells.


They are naturally astringent

These oils are great for shrinking large pores. They can help to create a smooth appearance. You can find this astringent quality in most essential oils if they are in their pure form.


Through collagen boost

Some essential oils are able to boost collagen that can keep your skin taut. Also, it can prevent the skin from sagging. The fact is that collagen can support our skin and keep it youthful.


Top 10 Best Essential Oils for Skin Tightening in USA


Frankincense Oil

There is a wide range of essential oils for skin tightening. Frankincense oil is one of the most valuable choices. It is able to protect skin cells. At the same time, it encourages new cell growth.

You can use this oil to increase your skin’s elasticity. Moreover, it’s a great idea to use frankincense oil around the eye area.

Due to the very small molecular structure of the oil, it is not able to penetrate into the skin. However, it can regenerate the cells.

In addition, this oil can replace dead skin cells with new ones. Plus, it can keep your skin oxygenated as well. Keep in mind it’s important to exfoliate your skin with a hot towel first before using this oil on your skin.

Besides, you can also mix it with a carrier oil. Then, dab it on your face before your bedtime. Always remember to dilute it before applying.


Myrrh Oil

Myrrh brings historic importance, but this is also one of the most favourites after essential oils for skin treatments.

Just like the frankincense, this oil is able to bring more oxygen to your body tissues. Moreover, it is a great option for skin soothing.

In addition, Myrrh oil can be used to treat chapped skin, cracked skin, as well as wrinkles.

In order to use this oil for skin tightening, you need to mix 1 tablespoon of argan oil, 4 drops of frankincense oil, and 5 drops of myrrh oil. Then, apply this mixture to your face before your bedtime.


Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is popular for its calming properties. It is able to help with insomnia, stress, as well as skin problems.

You can use this oil to balance sebum production and reduce scarring as well.

Moreover, it can help to prevent your skin from dying. This oil also can tone your skin, rejuvenate your skin, and prevent stretch marks.

To use it, you need to mix 1 teaspoon of rosehip seed oil and 3 drops of lavender oil. Then, apply it to the affected area. At the same time, massage gently in round motion.


Jasmine Oil

Jasmine essential oil brings healing and revitalizing properties. In fact, it is capable of fading away stretch marks and tightening your skin.

This oil can help to improve your skin’s elastic nature. Moreover, it helps to promote blood circulation, treat dehydrated skin, accelerate cell generation, and remove scars and wrinkles.

In order to use this oil, you need to mix 4 drops of jasmine oil, 2 drops of rose oil, and 1 tablespoon of rosehip seed oil. After mixing them, you massage it gently in the affected area.


Sandalwood Oil

This oil is actually one of the most expensive essential oils on the market. However, its price is well worth it.

Sandalwood oil is a unique fragrance. This oil is also a great option for skin treatment.

This oil brings the healing properties which can help to reduce scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. Also, the oil can rejuvenate your dull skin.

It can be used to prevent your skin from sagging. To use it, you need to mix 1 tablespoon of avocado oil, 2 drops of neroli oil, and 4 drops of this oil. Then, massage it gently the wanted area.


Patchouli Oil

If you want to prevent wrinkles and cellulite, you should use Patchouli oil. This is known as one of the best essential oils used during pregnancy to avoid cellulite and stretch marks.

This oil operates well when you lose a noticeable amount of body weight. Moreover, it’s also anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it can help you reduce pores as well as tighten your skin during the process.

To use this oil, you need to mix 4 drops of sandalwood oil, 3 drops of bergamot oil, 2 drops of carrot seed oil, 2 drops of patchouli oil, and 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil. This aims to prepare a skin treatment mixture.


Geranium Oil

If you are looking for a solution to help your body repair collage, you should use Geranium oil. This also helps to improve the elasticity of the skin.

It is able to boost elastin fibers. Also, you can use this essential oil for stretch marks. It’s very effective. Besides, it can also nourish your skin from the inside out.

It is easy to use. All you need to do is just to dilute it with a carrier oil before using it. We recommend you to choose argan oil. Mix 3 drops of geranium oil and 1 teaspoon of argan oil.


Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is well known for the regenerative properties. These oils can improve the production of healthy skin cells as well as retain nerve cells to decrease the appearance of stretch marks.

Moreover, you can also use grape seed oil to tighten any loose skin during the process. It can act as a natural astringent.

The oil can stimulate the blood flow in your body. In addition, it offers you the required nutrients to the skin cells. This essential oil can be mixed with any other essential oil since it is a carrier oil.


Rosehip Seed Oil

Another good choice for skin tightening is rosehip seed oil. It is known as one of the best anti-aging essential oils. This oil is known for its hydrating properties. However, it is also high in Vitamin A and E.

Therefore, the oil can help to delay the aging process of your skin. Moreover, you can get natural moisture to your skin from rosehip seed oil. You can use oil to improve its elasticity.

In addition, this oil is able to boost collagen production, so it helps to keep your skin smoother and firmer. This oil can be mixed with essential oils before using it.


Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil is also one of the best essential oils for skin tightening. This oil brings citral which can help in the regeneration of skin cells.

To use this oil, you need to mix 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 2 drops of rose essential oil, and 4 drops of neroli essential oil.

Remember to shake the mixture before applying it to the affected area for the best result.



Growing older is a part of our lives. All the essentials oils we mentioned above can enhance skin texture as well as flexibility. They can help to protect your skin from premature aging.

Moreover, many essential oils are able to reverse some of the damage that occurs over time. When using them, you need to protect your skin from the sun to maintain a healthy, clear, as well as tighter skin.

However, it may be toxic because of excessive amounts of certain vitamins. It’s important to be aware of these side effects to avoid them.