Best Essential Oils for Aging Skin in USA 2020

Best Essential Oils for Aging Skin in USA

When we age, we have to face many unexpected skin problems. The fact is that our skin cells have been affected by free radicals out there. Then, we need antioxidants to stop this. You should consider using the best essential oils for aging skin.

These oils are high in antioxidants. They are able to help deal with wrinkles as well as age spots. Moreover, they are ideal for moisturizing your skin. In this post, we will discuss the top 10 best essential oils for aging skin out there now. Check out this post for more details.


Benefits of Essential Oils for Aging Skin

These oils are actually sourced from plants. They are able to decrease your inflammation. Also, they can boost collagen as well. Moreover, if you want to minimize discoloration, you can also use essential oils.

Additionally, they can help to protect your skin from environmental issues such as harsh weather or UV radiation. Now, let’s take a look at below the top 10 best essential oils for aging skin:


Best Essential Oils for Aging Skin in USA

Now Foods Essential Oils Lemon

The Lemon essential oil is rich in vitamin C. This ingredient is known as a powerful antioxidant. Therefore, this oil can help to fight any aging from the sun. Moreover, this oil is also good at preventing acne scars.

Although this oil can help you fight the damage from the sun, your skin may become more sensitive to sunburn after using it. Keep it in mind! That’s why you should use the oil at night to avoid this issue.

You can get the pure lemon oil resulted from fresh lemon peels from NOW Foods. In fact, they offer one of the best prices for the oil out there.


Plant Therapy Clary Sage Oil

The Clary Sage oil from Plant Therapy contains strong antioxidant effects. This is also one of the most favourite essential oil brands on the market today.

You can get all the answers to any question you have with their products. They offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This essential oil is actually steam-distilled from the leaves of the Salvia sclarea plant.

There are many benefits you can get from using this essential oil such as treating scraps, PMS, as well as hot flashes.


SenseLAB Sandalwood Oil

This oil is hydrating. The Sandalwood essential oil brings natural emollients. Therefore, you haven’t to worry about losing water when using this oil. It means that the oil can keep your skin healthier.

Many people love this oil since it is astringent. If you have any issues with your dead skin cells, this is really a good solution for you.

Moreover, it is able to firm the texture as well. This essential oil is known for its ability to treat skin conditions and to lift your mood. Once you use it, you can feel at peace.


Organic Lavender Rocky Mountain Oils

The organic lavender is a good option for reducing stress. Moreover, it’s a good consideration for your skin as well. In fact, the lavender essential oil is known for its ability to soothe itchiness as well as inflammation. Plus, when using it, you haven’t to worry about radicals.

With this oil, you can decrease wrinkles as well as fine lines. This one is team-distilled from the flowers and buds. You can let it blend with lemon, geranium, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and bergamot oil.


Eden Garden Ylang Ylang

When it comes to the best essential oils for aging skin, don’t miss the Eden Garden Ylang Ylang. We usually see ylang ylang in making perfume.

This is a very healing essential oil. You may not know ylang ylang is able to rebuild protein in the skin.

Moreover, it is also known for its ability to remove free radicals. This one is from Cananga odorata in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. There are many different sizes to choose from. Each of them is through multiple rounds of testing.

MAJESTIC PURE Helichrysum Oil

You can see the helichrysum growing in Asia and Africa as well. Helichrysum oil is known for its ability to reduce inflammation in the skin.

Moreover, it contains antiseptic properties. You can let it blend with lavender, geranium, citrus, and clary sage oils.

This essential oil is bottled with a glass dropper. Therefore, this essential oil allows you to get an accurate measurement.


Radha Beauty Rosemary Oil

The Radha Beauty Rosemary oil is not recommended for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. You may know this oil is great for cooking. Furthermore, it is also high in potent antioxidants.

This essential oil can help to prevent aging skin. Moreover, it also helps to control the oiliness and remove acne. You will get a cobalt blue glass. It helps to prevent it from degradation. However, we still recommend you to store this oil in a cold place.


Pomegranate Seed Oil by Leven Rose

The Pomegranate helps to deal with your inflammation. It was proved that it is able to prevent new wrinkles.

It can be also used to eliminate pores and blackheads. If you use this oil, all the fine lines will be also disappeared. Moreover, it can prevent your skin from getting scalp acne. Plus, you can also use it for your hair care.

The manufacturer will offer you a money-back guarantee. Always remember to keep this oil in a cool place.


Plant Therapy Anti Age Synergy Essential Oil

Another great essential oil for aging skin is the Plant Therapy Anti Age Synergy. It is a good combination of sandalwood, Frankincense, copaiba balsam, palmarosa, neroli, Rosalina, and rose absolute. Note that you have to dilute this essential oil before applying it to your skin.

We recommend you to dilute 3 drops of your oils with 1 teaspoon of carrier oil. Then, apply it to your skin. It promises to help you eliminate fine lines. At the same time, it will also restore radiance to mature skin as well.


Edens Garden Age Defy Oil

The last product we want to list here is the Edens Garden Age Defy. This one can blend well with sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, lavender, rose, and helichrysum.

It can help to reduce inflammation that leads to age skin. At the same time, this oil will also improve texture.

Just like the previous oil, you also have to dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin. It’s safe to take 3 drops of this oil to combine with a per teaspoon of carrier oil.


Potential Risk Factors

There are some potential risk factors you may get when using essential oils such as hives, rashes, sneezing, bumps, redness, runny nose, or itchiness. That’s why it’s important to be careful of you want to use any essential oil.

For some essential oils, you need to use sunscreen lotion. It’s best to avoid directly exposing to the sunlight for at least 12 hours.



With the best essential oils, you haven’t to concern about aging skin. All the products we mentioned above are the best ones for mature skin. They can help to moisturize the skin. Also, they can be used to avoid wrinkles.

As long as you use them properly, you will get a wonderful look. However, you have to be patient. Sure, you will see the result after a few months. Now, go ahead and try them. Sure, they won’t disappoint you.